Meet the Maker

Morgan Beatty Owner/Maker

My name is Morgan Beatty and I am a full time knife maker from Albuquerque , New Mexico.  I have been making and creating handmade goods since June of 2020, specializing in custom knives and cutlery with unique materials, specialized processes and a focus on one-of-a-kind, client driven designed pieces.  Ever since I was a kid, knives have always been a fascination of mine especially admiring my dad's collection of high end collectibles from makers such as Daniel Winkler, Ron Lewis, among others.  Having such inspiration at hand, I set out to make a full time small business that turned into a reality and, for the passed few years has grown into a passion, outlet and career that I wouldn't be where I am without.  I feel that knives, tools, and handmade goods should be made with an emphasis on personal style, passion for the craft and an eye for detail, all coming together into a package that the end user wants to have by their side everyday and hopes to pass along one day with a multitude of stories to accompany.  The blades I make are very inspired by the works of others and the techniques that have a long standing relation to tradition as well as being unique, purpose built and beautiful.  Handmade from start to finish, in the USA, using the highest quality materials from other skilled artisans, meticulously crafted, unique styling, and designed to be used.  Here at Morganic Blades you will find tools built for the task at hand, made by hand, and most importantly created for the hand that uses it.


Thank you for your support and for stopping by,

Morgan Beatty