Meet the Maker

Morgan Beatty, Owner

My name is Morgan Beatty, and I make knives that one day will be handed down to the next generation. What began as hobby led me to becoming a full time maker. This journey has been influenced by smiths that have put in the time and energy creating incredible works of functional art, and has inspired me to be a part of the ever growing community of creatives in all worlds from knives to fine art. My goal is to engage with future clients, friends and other makers  to learn, create and deliver one of a kind handmade knives and tools that endure for generations to come. Since 2019, I have been on a path that only comes from trial and error, viewing the incredible works of others and the want to materialize what is in my mind. I work everyday whether it's drawing, reading or asking the important questions to obtain a certain outcome. 

It's all about carbon steel, hardwoods, and full grain leather.  The materials you will find me using are steels such as 1095 high carbon, W2, 80crv2, and 52100. I am a fan of exotic and domestic hardwoods, vintage phenolics, and various animal horn, and bone among other unique custom materials. I choose these materials because of the natural character, unique figuring and durability found from nature.  I include a sheath with every knife, whether it be leather or kydex.  All my leather is hand-stitched and stained, specific to each knife and the needs and carry position of your choice. I form and shape kydex as well for those who would like a more modern carry option. I finish every knife by hand and signing my initials and makers mark to insure a truly one-of-a-kind signature.

 Finishes range from machine ground all the way to meticulous high grit hand-sanded polishes, hamons, stone washes and different etches or coatings that fit the build and needs of every knife for whom they are intended. 

I rarely make knives to stock, as each one is commissioned based, which I believe creates a truly personal piece that is specific to the user. Choice of design, steel, handle material and sheath is entirely up to the user. With that said,all of these are factors that contribute to the price of the project.

Thank you for your interest in what I do. Without the support of others I wouldn't be here exploring my passion, while making a living. Please get in touch with me, and I'll be happy to get the ball rolling.

Morgan Beatty